Colors of Fall


Today’s post comes to you from my favorite place – my front porch swing.  My morning workout is complete (30 minutes ride and read and TRX leg circuit) and I’m waiting to go back to teach an interval Spin class and try a tempo run with a friend.

I was inspired by the tree in the yellow picture below, which greets me every morning at the gym.  I can’t get over how bright the leaves are!  I started looking around at all the color in my life and thought I would share with you – orange was the hardest to find today – and I’ll admit, was a bit of a stretch!


Is the mug I enjoyed my afternoon cup of green tea from.

Red Mug


Is the cover of my new read – the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.  It looks red, but in real life is orange-y, promise!

Orange Cover


Are the leaves of the Gingko trees.

Yellow Leaves


Is my spinach salad for lunch (topped with cucumbers, red onions, goat cheese, egg whites, candied almond slivers and bacon).

Green Spinach


Are the shoes I ran my track repeats in yesterday (2 x 2000m @ 7:40 – wheew!) and will try a tempo run in tonight.

Blue Shoes


Are my nails, painted with Essie’s fall purple: Carry On.

Purple Nails

I hear there’s some white up north?!  What colors are part of your day?


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  1. White??……yes, it snowed here today…..aaarrrrggggghhhh!!….only light flurries, but still….37 degrees, shorter days….it’s all downhill from here!! But adding some green to my day is a bottle of Heineken Light…..cheers!!

  2. Gingko is a very inpsiring tree and one of Bub’s favorites. To the Chinese they mean good luck. I picked some of their bright yellow leaves up this year and dried them under a vase — guaranteed good luck for my family this year! (Yes, I stole them from the neighbor’s yard — does that mean I stole their good luck away from them?!)

  3. Aqua is always a color in my day! I love that you pointed out all the colors. I am lucky here in California to be able to look up most everyday and see a beautiful blue sky!

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