With you in Spirit!



My younger brother’s soccer team competed in the North Coast Athletic Conference championship on Saturday night and I am proud to say they beat Ohio Wesleyan 4-2!  I inappropriately take all the credit for my brother’s athletic abilities.

I was sad I was not able to physically be in Ohio at the game but I was definitely there in spirit, rooting for Nathan and his teammates (especially Abu – remember him from the Halloween post?).  My dad runs an excellent play by play commentary via text and I stay pretty up-to-date that way.

Who taught you to jump like that?!


I went to bed last night with a feeling that I wouldn’t be racing this morning….and this my gut instinct proved to still be working.  Unfortunately my sinuses have been infected with some unpleasantries and although I am feeling better as I write this, running a half-marathon was not in the cards for me this morning.

With a heavy heart (seriously) when my alarm went off this morning, I texted the girls and told them I wouldn’t be meeting them to carpool out to the race.  I decided there was no way to suffer through 13.1 miles breathing through my mouth when my throat felt dry and rough as sandpaper.  I was bummed for a few reasons – I mostly always look forward to the long runs on the weekends, whether they’re races or not AND I was planning on using to day as a practice for the St. Jude personal best I hope to set, and there’s just not much time left to practice!  But when it all comes down to it, it’s not the big goal race and pushing my already weak and struggling body through thirteen miles would have been more detrimental than sitting it out.  I decided I will rest and take care of myself tonight and depending on how I feel, may try to get the 13.1 miles in tomorrow!  And then rolled back over to enjoy that extra hour of sleep 🙂  I was with you all in spirit and can’t wait to hear the details of your runs!



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  1. Good girl! You need to take care of you. Any one who knows you knows that you are always with them in spirit and that you would not miss anything if you didn’t have too. You are much loved by us!! Aunt Emilie and Uncle Larry….come see us soon!!! xoxox

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