Skinny Peppermints


Happy Friday y’all!

This morning’s run was my first track style workout in a long time and I was dreeeeaaaaading it!  I guess I was a little nervous about what the four weeks away from speed training would feel like, plus the weather today is pretty “blah”.  It took me until 9 AM to figure out my plan, and trust me there were a few thoughts of “Just skip it” but then my promise to our November challenge to not skip any speed workouts popped into my head.  So I set out from home to run to the gym and complete the 10 rounds of quarter miles on the treadmill.  And you know what? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Almost like being reunited with an old friend.  Almost.

I used my 1.6 mile run to the gym as a warm up and then alternated 400 m “fast laps” with 200 m walking recoveries.  My homework said to do all ten fast laps at 9.0, but I say that’s crazy – so I split it up and did 5 laps at 9.0 and 5 at 8.0, my walks were 4.0.  The 8.0 laps were surprisingly easy and although my quadriceps burned a little on the 9.0s, they didn’t feel too bad either (my treadmill neighbor might tell you differently based on my forceful exhaling and occasional grunts).  After the speed workout I stretched my poor hammies out and completed an upper body strength routine on TRX.  Only 29 days to go!

I spent much of the afternoon staying warm at Starbucks.  Remember I told you they had a Skinny version of their Peppermint Mocha?!  Well, I wanted to try it, but no chocolate allowed this week (Are you still saying No?!) so I created the Skinny Peppermint Latte.  Dee. Lish. Ous.  I also had some of their oatmeal as a post-workout snack/breakfast combo.

What's that in the background?! Holiday cheer!

I highly recommend the Skinny Peppermint Latte – it’s made with their sugar and calorie-free peppermint syrup plus skim milk so a grande only has about 130 calories!  I’ll have to try the Skinny Mocha some other week!  It was the perfect little step into the holiday season (I usually bust out the holiday tunes Halloween night but have resisted so far….).

P.S. It’s a race weekend!  The first half-marathon of the Road Race Series is Sunday!


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