Back to Speed


Happy Wednesday!  Last Friday I landed at the Indianapolis International Airport.  I flew home to see my little brother (not so little, quite muscular and athletic actually) play his Senior Day soccer game with his DePauw University Soccer team.  My dad’s dad, Grandpa, also flew in from Arizona to join us for the weekend.  We had a great family dinner at a small restaurant in the town square.

Put it in the Christmas card!

Grandpa all the way from Arizona!

Love you little bro.

More stories from my trip home to come, but now for Memphis life:

This morning’s Pack run was my first run in November.  My first run back into the speed training.  My assignment this morning was to do 5 miles at a 7:55 pace.  I went to bed last night mentally prepared to run it properly (a.k.a. as fast as I could), and woke up this morning with the same mentality.  Our group was small but because of the approaching deadline there’s a lot of energy.  My run started off strong.  My legs felt good in the longer and faster strides.  No pain.  A little fatigue (maybe from lots of TRX classes!) but strong.

I finished in 41:11 which averages out to about 8:15, so not quite there.  But, I’m pleased with the run and how fantastic my body felt (October was a good rest month) and since I’m saying NO! to negative performance talk, I won’t get down on the missed goal.

I also said NO! to the leftover Milky Ways in the drawer at work – if I hadn’t been committed to this challenge, I probably would have had one, and another, and another…….

Tempting but....NO!

Tempting but....NO!

How’s your challenge going?



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  1. Thankfully I had all ready cut back on caffine and drink decaf coffee so I am not getting headaches!

    Thank you for sharing pictures of Grandpa and Nathan! You look great!

    Good job on your run!

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