Just say NO!vember


I say this at the beginning of every month but CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S NOVEMBER!?!  I certainly can’t.  Time is flying by so fast I feel like tomorrow will be Christmas, or sometimes even that I’ll wake up next to a husband with three kids running around….Slow. Down. Life.

Anyway – November means looking forward to

Red cups.  Skinny Peppermint Mochas (Yes, you read that right – Starbucks now has a skinny peppermint syrup and chocolate syrup!).  Colorful leaves on the Greenline runs.  Two practice half-marathon races.  Thanksgiving (DUH!). Ugg boots (but never with a skirt!).  Reindeer Games. Christmas decorations.  Boots and sweaters. Being able to run anytime of day.  Scarves.  Family.  Love Actually.  Soups, stews and chilis. Maybe a snowflake or two. THE TAPER!


It also means a few “scary” things

St. Jude countdown becomes days, not months.  Lots of holiday goodies, starting with yesterday’s leftovers.  Morning runs may have to happen in sub-40 degrees.  The days seem to shrink and shrink.


All that being said – WE (that’s you and me, whether you’re running in St. Jude or not – you still need help making it through the start to winter) need a plan.  And I have one for us!  I’ve dubbed this month – “Just say NO!vember”.  At the start of each week, I’ll list things I’ll be declining for the remainder of that week.

For the racers- 32 days until all your hard work will pay off!  Don’t let four weeks send it all to hell!  For the non-racers – use this month to get a healthy start on the calorie madness that are the holidays.

Here’s what I’m saying “NO” to this week:

Chocolate.  Skipping runs. Pastries.  Candy.  Excuses.   Chips.  Fast food.  Negative body/performance talk.  Skipping meals.  

This will be tough, but I set a tough goal for myself in this race and I’m not about to let leftover Halloween candy or a deep-fried Thanksgiving shoot it to hell!   I will post daily thoughts on my progress and other motivational quips to get you through with a few little challenges – c’mon, it’ll be fun!

Think about your goals for the end of 2011.  Are you wanting to lose those last 5 pounds?  Maintain your weight through the holidays?  Kick the race in the ass?  Now, choose your list accordingly.  Whatever your goal – YOU CAN DO IT!

What are you going to say “NO” to this week?


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  1. Great month to say no!!! I quit drinking 14 years ago in November and quit smoking 8 years ago in November!!!

    My new no this November will be no to sweetner. Coffee black or no coffee at all!

    Thank you, jessica! Love you!

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