Newsday Tuesday: I’m Back!


Whoa – how fast time flies!  I haven’t written in 25 days.

And for that, I apologize.  Thank you for asking me to come back.  Thank you for saying you miss the stories.  Thank you for reading in the first place.

And in return for your patience, I will treat you today with a taste of what I’ve been up to the past three weeks…..


Last time I wrote, I was headed to Atlanta.  I promised to tell you why I was going, and then that promise turned into a BIG LIE when I didn’t tell.  Well I’ll tell you now!  I was in Atlanta to get my TRX Group Training Certification. (Remember when I took the TRX class in Austin with Lyndsay?)  Since that Sunday I’ve been practicing pistol squats, crossing balance lunges, pikes and atomic pushups so that I can whoop some ass in classes that have now started at Inside Out Gym!  I actually taught our inaugural class last night and it was all sorts of fun, sweaty success!

Survivors of the first TRX class!

I also had time to visit with my mom’s family while I was there.  My loving Nan Oat put me on bed rest for the weekend so I was unable to do any running….but I did hike everyday with my aunt and cousins!


Throughout the early fall, the Levitt Shell hosted a free concert series and I went to as many as I could.  I saw the North Mississippi All Stars, Lucero and Abigail Washburn.  It was lots of fun to be spread out on blanket relaxing with fellow Memphians!





Rainbow Shell



But seriously.  It took 25 days.  Check out the B and As.



I know, it looks great!  Thanks 🙂


No, not Christmas, or even my birthday.  In this young alum’s life, the best day of the year is Homecoming.  And it just happened.  Homecoming in Memphis is like this tornado – people descend suddenly on you, bringing chaos, lots of noise and plenty of energy.  And then all of a sudden everyone’s gone and you’re back in real life.  Homecoming is the best day of my year because it’s all about hugs and conversations (and a few drinks!) with the people you never get to be with.  I think as a recent alumna, I still haven’t quite adjusted to not having everyone around me all the time (even if it meant in the library…).  But for 2 days they were back!

My old roommate Courtney arrived first and I dragged her to my Spin class last Thursday.  Koko came next and we ran our long run together on the Greenline (she’s training for St. Jude too!) on Friday morning before grabbing lunch with Melanie and Pete at Cheffie’s.  Here are some snapshots from the loving chaos.


Flat Audrey!

Our friend Audrey is in the Peace Corps in Africa but we promised her she would have a good time.  Anna had the brilliant idea of carrying her photo around all day so we snapped a photo with her little brother!


I haven’t forgotten about the run!  It’s in less than six weeks! (WHOA.)  I decided October would be more of a mileage and less of a speed month so I’ve done a few 10 milers, a 12 and 11 miler and will do another 12 this weekend.  Next week the speed work comes baaaaaack. Ah.  At least I have some fancy new shoes 🙂

Bright Blue Sauconies belong to Me!

And that brings you pretty much up to date on my life.  Let’s not make this separation a habit 😉



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  1. Gosh, it is so good to have you back!!! I was worried! Time does go fast so I get that but your last entry was on my birthday so i was well aware of how long it had been. Glad your back and glad you cleaned your room! I feel less stressed when my room is clean.

    I just got new shoes for my birthday…I tried them out in Sedona. I am pleased. They are Saucony’s. Best gripping shoe i have found.

    Love you! GLAD YOUR BACK!

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