Happy Fall!


Well I can tell I ran 12 miles yesterday!  My legs are tired!!   Sometimes it’s hard for me to take a day off  – I’m not sure if it’s the ex-athlete in me or what but I just hate to not do anything physical for a day.  But the professional in me knows how important it is to give your muscles time to recover from an intense effort (like a long run or a race day) – so I compromised and did an easy recovery workout today.  I started with a 60 minute ride on the recumbent bike at levels 6, 7 and 8 while I continued to read The Hunger Games.  I have about 20 pages to go, I swear I will finish it before I leave the gym tonight!  I followed that up with the following leg workout (3 sets of 15 repetitions):

  • Abductor and adductor machines – 80 pounds
  • Hip stretch
  • Hamstring curls – 50 pounds
  • Bent over hamstring stretch
  • One-legged leg press – 50 pounds
  • One – legged quadricep stretch
Then I headed to the stretch room and rolled out some of yesterday’s hills, grunting and groaning through the pain and discomfort.  I hated all 5 minutes of it but my legs will thank me tomorrow!
Today is the first official Monday of Fall (first official day was last Friday)!  It’s been feeling like fall here for a little bit now and  I am welcoming these cooler temperatures with gigantic open arms.  I don’t think I gave my favorite season enough attention last week so I’m going to today!  Can’t you just smell it looking at this picture?

I ❤ Fall!

Crunchy leaves * Tea * Pumpkins * Football * The start of basketball season * Colors * Sweaters * Boots * Pumpkin Spice Lattes * Chai Lattes * Homecoming * Fires * Thanksgiving * Apples * Running anytime of day and feeling comfortable * Soups * Hearty Sandwiches (with melty cheese) * Corn Mazes * Haunted Houses * Crisp air in my lungs on a run * Oatmeal after a morning run (with pumpkin) * Lower utility bills * Sunroof weather * Did I mention football?


What do you love about fall?


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