Week 11 Pack Run: Our short run used to be our long run!


Remember about five weeks ago when the five miler was our long run?  Well, the Pack tackled those miles like it was no big deal this morning before heading off to busy days.

5 miles - no big deal.

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by and the miles are increasing.  Thank goodness the temperatures have cooled off a little too!  We’re running in the low 70s most of the time now!

All done. We love our mascot!

Big congrats to Linda who ran her farthest distance ever today!

She makes it look so easy.

Way to go gang!  We’ve got a big race (RRS 2nd 10k) and a big 8 miler to look forward to this weekend!

I hung around Inside Out for a training session with one of the runners (core and legs – tough!) and then did my own endurance workout that included supersets of mostly arm muscles.  Since it was endurance (that’s my sport after all) I did three sets of high repetitions (15).  I threw some TRX core moves in too!

We just started offering Tai Chi at Inside Out on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM.  I hopped in the class today and really enjoyed it!  The style is very different from the intense running and tough weights I’m used to but it is a fabulous complement to that kind of training.  I highly recommend trying it out – I’m hoping to make it a regular part of my routine!

In other news, look who was featured on one of her very own favorite blogs – me!  I Love Memphis Blog is my go-to for entertainment ideas, restaurant reviews and general Memphis things and I’m featured!

Memphian #259


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  1. Thanks Jessica! I love running with the pack and the cooler day did make it feel like smooth sailing. Good luck to everyone on Sunday. I know all the fantastic coaching and hard work are really making an impact on everyone. I will continue my attempt to be the 5K queen and run the Sole to Soul Saturday. Then hop in a Dragon Boat to row my little heart out for Outdoors, Inc. I will be thinking of you all on Sunday and know I will hear great reports after the race.

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