Reason to Run #16



I finally bit the bullet and registered for the Cooper Young 4 miler today.  The race is Friday night and will be a perfect chance for me to practice keeping up the pace!  I’ll be anxious to see how it goes considering I’ve recently run 3 distances further than 4 miles at a pretty quick pace.

Big-name races usually have great swag bags and great after parties – I was excited to see what was in this year’s bag!

It's like Christmas waiting inside!

I was a little disappointed to find mostly coupons (but hey, who can complain over some running-related savings?!) and only a few samples of things – Biofreeze and PowerBar gummies.    Sometimes the bags are filled with lots of merchandise and apparel.  I did get a high-quality long sleeve shirt though!

Look at that swag - lots of coupons!

I decided to get over my disappointment by filling the bag with my own goodies at the store.  Pick-up was at my favorite running store (Breakaway on Union) and so I did a little shopping for this weekend’s long training run.  The group tried Gu packs out last week so this week I went for Shot Bloks and Sport Beans!

Instant energy.

Camy’s Pizza and Bud Light are big sponsors so that means they’ll be around after the race – pizza and beer, two more reasons to get your butt out to run!

The Pack had a great Week 12 run this morning through the Cooper Young area.  Many runners are handling the standard mid-week 4.5 mile distance that used to be further than they’d ever run quite well!  And a big congratulations to those who ran the entire distance continuously for the first time ever.  Big achievements today!

Will you be there Friday night?



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