Organic Savings – 50% off Whole Foods!


I love Whole Foods because:

  • All of their food is organic
  • They usually have a variety of samples from cookies to chocolate milk to cheeses to fresh fruit
  • They have a hot foods section where I can eat lunch
  • They have fresh ground peanut butter and almond butter (I literally grind it myself right there – that’s my grocery splurge!)
  • It makes me feel super healthy to shop there.
I hate Whole Foods because:
I mean come on, I’m a recent college grad with no trust fund on a tight budget!  I’m not about to liquidate my assets to buy all organic (someday maybe, and then when my house is furnished with Pottery Barn and I can dress in exclusively Lululemon and Nike, I’ll know I’ve made it- right?!) .
Well today Memphians, it’s our lucky day – LivingSocial is offering 50% off of groceries at Whole Foods!
You pay $10, you get $20 to spend but hurry up – it ends tomorrow!  Won’t buy you much but it’s a start!
Here’s the link: Organic Savings!
What do you like to splurge on at Whole Foods?

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  1. That is a GREAT deal! I know, organic is very expensive. That is why i love growing my own. I finished up that chili last night. i am going to make another batch!

    Hope your having a good week! Love you,

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