Week 13: Run 3 RRS 1st 10k


I can hardly believe we’re already in the 10k distance of this series!  One 5k, two 5 milers in the dust and now on to the 10k.


Now that the distances are longer, I’ve started eating a breakfast before the run which requires getting up a little extra early (super-early for you non-runners) a.k.a 5:30 AM.  I ate a plain oatmeal packet made with almond milk and mixed with a little natural peanut butter and cinnamon to put fuel in the tank.  Perfect combo.  Grabbed the Blue Man (iPod), Gary (Garmin watch), camera, and change of clothes and dashed out the door.

I ditched my usual black skirt and tank to show some American pride today and put on red shorts and a blue tank.  I wasn’t personally or directly affected by the attacks on September 11th ten years ago but I will never forget that day in 8th grade, sitting on the couch at home watching the footage from earlier in the day replay over and over on the TV.  Basketball workouts had been cancelled and I just stared as the screen alternated between anchors, New York City, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania.  I’ll never forget the sky that night – filled with nothing but stars in the Indiana countryside.  I’ll never forget the stories of heroism, sacrifice and service for loved ones and strangers.  I’ll never forget all that smoke or the image of watching both towers collapse and feeling completely helpless.

Today I ran for all the lives lost in the towers, on the streets, on the planes – in the fires, the smoke and the rubble.  Today I ran for those who ran into the chaos while everyone else was running out.  I ran for those who survive.  I ran for those left behind.  I ran for those still searching.  And I had a great run.

The race was held at Shelby Farms Park (I could kick myself for not coming here more often).

Peaceful Morning on Patriot Lake

I met up with the pack to hear everyone’s goals and plans of attack.  I personally was going for a sub-50.  The first couple of miles passed quickly, up hills and down hills.  Lean into the downhills.  I felt great – mentally I told myself all the training was starting to pay off, I was well-rested, I’ve been fueling myself better (I pictured the oatmeal and PB literally in my legs making them work faster….interesting image but it worked).  Every time I looked down at Gary (my Garmin watch), he just confirmed how good I really was feeling.  I managed to keep it below an 8 minute pace for the first four miles but man once I got to that lake my legs felt like lead.  It was all I could do to keep from walking so I distracted myself with my music, remembered who I was running for and reminded myself that I’m the coach, I don’t let my Pack walk so I sure as hell better not.  And I made it.  Somehow, I survived those last 2 miles, like I always do, and was quite pleased with my time – 49.06.

Avg Pace
Summary 00:49:05 6.28 07:48
1 00:07:23 1.00 07:23
2 00:07:20 1.00 07:20
3 00:07:58 1.00 07:58
4 00:07:29 1.00 07:29
5 00:08:15 1.00 08:15
6 00:08:29 1.00 08:29
7 00:02:09 0.28 07:34

I will humbly say that my 1st-place age group spot has been lost to my competition BUT, I am inspired and motivated by her and will chase her down next race.  In the big picture though, I am my biggest competitor and I beat myself today so I won.  The rest of the gang won too – personal bests and goals met all around!

Unfortunately these boys can not say the same thing, it’s gonna be a loooooooooooooooooong season – but I will hang with them, Peyton or no Peyton.

Still a fan, GO HORSE!

Where were you on September 11, 2001?  Did you do anything today to commemorate the events?


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  1. Thank you for sharing! It sounds like it was a great run. That is awesome. I am so glad you had a good day!

    Good for you to put so much thought on those that were so effected. I had seen a couple touching interviews this week from survivers.

    I did go to san Francisco and was able to do some reflecting and talk a lot about the 9/11. I got to see jets fly over the Golden Gate. It was neat.

    I appreciate you sharing what you eat! It is helping me get a better idea on what I should be eating. THANK YOU!

    Love you!

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