Week 13: Run 1 – Chick-Fil-A 5k


My speedwork assignment for the week was supposed to be this:

  • Warm-up mile
  • 3 x 1600m @ 7:05 w/ 1 minute walk interval
  • Cool-down
My clever little mind realized that my assignment (minus the warm-up and cool-down) is about the same distance as a 5k.  I love my treadmill dates but would always rather race and luckily for me there was the Chick-Fil-A 5k yesterday so I met up with Matthew and Becca for a morning jaunt.
Not only did I jump at the opportunity to run a race rather than spin my legs on a treadmill, but races with big sponsors are usually very well organized – and this one has a great reputation for being just that.  Plus, who doesn’t love the cows?

Illiterate cows....best ads ever!


Chick-Fil-A has one of my favorite advertising campaigns ever.  I LOVE any time I see a new billboard with those illiterate and costumed cows.

One of my favorites

Anyway, back to the race.  It seems a lot of the 5ks downtown run a similar route.  And they all include headin’ up the dreaded Beale Street Hill after a long run down Riverside.

The route.

The weather was fantastic – I haven’t felt temperatures like that since April.  When we lined up on Front Street I was rearin’ to go.  The sirens went off and people went down!  Right in front of me, two runners stumbled on somethin and created a tiny pile up – luckily I managed to avoid going down but it did trip me up for a few seconds.  In all the mental effort to avoid the pile, I forgot to start my watch right away so was playin’ catch up for the first mile.

My second hiccup happened in mile 2 and was a complete rookie mistake.  After coasting down the Riverside Hill (into the wind), I had to stop to tie my shoe.  I know. Irresponsible.  And then I had to face the Beale Hill…I chugged up it and pushed the last mile to the finish into Autozone.  I enjoyed the course – reminded me of a lot of the Half Marathon course, and I always love a finish in the ballpark – except for climbing those damn stadium stairs at the end.  Easier after a fast 3.1 than 26.2 though. 🙂

Here’s the final report on the race:

Avg Pace
Summary 00:23:12 3.10 07:29
1 00:06:35 0.94 07:00
2 00:07:34 1.00 07:34
3 00:07:54 1.00 07:55
4 00:01:07 0.16 07:00
Not a PR, but still pretty close to what my assignment was and a good effort despite the hiccups.  Sure beats the treadmill 🙂
And I would like to extend a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to my running partners – both scoring PRs!  Matthew breaking into the 22s and Becca breaking the formidable 30s!  Way to go gang!
Do you have any favorite advertising mascots?

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