Week 14: Run 3


The Pack

This morning the Pack rallied bright and early on the Greenline for a 6 MILER!  The longest distance some have ever run – what a day!

This morning's crew - Hazel's possessed.....

Off and runnin' before the sun!

6 Miles! Congrats!

Keep showin’ up gang – we’ll get there!

My Run

I completed my long run yesterday – since I’m going for a big time improvement (shooting for the 1:40s!), my long runs are a little bit longer than the Pack’s right now.  I too was up before the sun but opted for my favorite downtown river run instead of the Greenline.  I was supposed to do 9 miles at an 8:31 pace…..and managed this in the 84 degree temperatures instead:

Avg Pace
Summary 01:21:19 8.76 09:16
1 00:08:34 1.00 08:34
2 00:08:18 1.00 08:18
3 00:08:42 1.00 08:42
4 00:08:37 1.00 08:37
5 00:08:52 1.00 08:53
6 00:09:31 1.00 09:31
7 00:10:47 1.00 10:48
8 00:09:31 1.00 09:31
9 00:08:22 0.76 10:59

Woof.  Managed to stay in the 8:00s for the first 5 which is promising – the last 4 were a big challenge!  It was “fun” to run down by the river again – although I don’t necessarily enjoy running the Auction Street bridge twice or having to go up the hill to Martyr’s Park or up the steps to the Bluff but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?!  Until this heat leaves town, the most important thing is for me (and you!) to get the miles in.  I’m not too concerned with my pace on the long runs yet – just getting back into the swing of being on my feet for more than an hour!


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  1. I was in Memphis today! Landed in the morning and drove out to Tupelo for tomorrow’s big race. Should be back in Memphis tomorrow to kill lots of time before my late-night flight. Any recommendations of what I should do?

    • Can’t wait to hear about the Tupelo race! Hope you missed the rain we’re getting. Let’s see, if they’re open, I’d say check out the Stax Museum or the Civil Rights Museum. Eat at Central BBQ (or if you’re wanting to stay downtown, Rendezvous) or the Arcade Restaurant on GE Patterson and Main. Check out the Peabody Hotel Lobby – maybe grab a drink there. Or if you’re more into dives – Ernestine and Hazel’s bar (also on GE Patterson and Main) has great burgers and beer.

  2. Good job Jessica! It is Sunday, of a “holiday” weekend. I am driving over to Briones Park which is part of Mt. Diablo. i will let you know how far I hike upon my return. i will be thinking about you!

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