Happy September!


Can you believe it’s here already??!  I’m tellin’ ya, before we know it, it’ll be December!  September’s sort of an unassuming month – the excitement of school has already passed and no major holidays (I’m sorry if I don’t get overly excited for Labor Day….) exist to look forward to.  Despite all that, I think September has some promising excitement!  Here’s what I’m excited for:

  • Cooler Temperatures (hopefully!)
  • Cooper Young Festival – September 16th
  • My first ever 1ok race (a guaranteed PR!)
  • Lots of double digit long runs
  • UltraSpin and Tai Chi at Inside Out
  • Football Season – Go Colts!  And Dawgs!
  • Soccer Season – Go Bro!

I taught him everything he knows....

What are you looking forward to this month?


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  1. I think I move into a new age bracket for races!! Excellent!! I’ll be at the young end of an old group!! And, I’m looking forward to great weather…after the 100 degrees we are supposed to have tomorrow here in Indy!! 70’s next week…maybe I, too, will be inspired to do those double digit runs again! And Julie has a birthday, too!

  2. I look forward to hearing about your first 10k! I am looking forward to Matthew’s 30th birthday! And, i am definately looking forward to mine. i am going to go see Keith Urban for my birthday! The weather looks like it is going to be nice so I look forward to plenty of hikes. I will look forward to reading your blog EVERYDAY this month!

    Love you!!!

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