RRS 2nd 5-Miler


I had similar goals for this race as I did for the last five-miler but a different approach.  The past couple of races I’ve been sucked into the flow of the speedy rabbits at the front of the racers.  I was determined to not be sucked into their powerful vortex this morning!  The weather was fantastic – low 70s and not too humid.  Before I knew it we were off………here’s my stream of consciousness: not too fast, stay close to 8 not 6, up the hill, relax and lean on downhills, focus, strong legs, pace is steady, stay with this group, it’s getting hard – don’t walk, sip of water, legs burning but go faster, my body is strong, great morning for a run, focus on the music, pace still steady, push a little and on and on for five miles.

My pace was steady – something I was quite pleased with.  I can thank Gary, my Garmin watch for that – there’s no way I would have been able to manage a constant pace in my head with a regular watch.  Here’s what he reports:

Avg Pace
Summary 00:39:04 5.08 07:41
1 00:07:31 1.00 07:31
2 00:07:25 1.00 07:26
3 00:07:39 1.00 07:39
4 00:08:01 1.00 08:01
5 00:07:50 1.00 07:50
6 00:00:35 0.08 06:55

Check that out!  Stayed mostly in the 7:00s (compare to my 6:00 – 8:00 range last time…) and improved my time by 24 seconds!  I was quite pleased with beating myself AND that all the Pack members improved on their times as well – many by minutes!  What a great morning for all!


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