2nd 5-miler Race Prep


Tomorrow is race day!  It’s the second 5-miler of the Road Race Series. I met the group for their long run on the Greenline but rather than running with them, I gave my legs a rest for tomorrow.   What a fantastic morning we had and everyone did fantastic!  We’re starting to get into distances that mark people’s farthest each time we run – now THAT is exciting!  Keep it up Pack!

Instead of running, I did my usual pre-race Spin.  After a quick trip to the market with Rooms (lots of veggies for this week!), I went off to Inside Out for some quality time on the bike.  I like to try to spend the same amount of time on the bike as I’m hoping to spend racing the next day – so for me and the 5-mile distance that’s about 40 minutes.  I don’t turn resistance on very high but do try to keep my cadence between 90 and 100.  This gets my legs used to a quick turnover (I wish they would go 100 rpm tomorrow in the race!)  I was able to get about a chapter and a half further into the third installment of The Hunger Games (I know it’s been a while, right?!  At this rate, the movies will be out before I finish…).  Then my mind started to wander……to the race tomorrow.  Here’s what it thought (at about a million miles an hour) – good thing you know what to expect from the course tomorrow, hills first then flat,  too bad you did so well last time, you’ve really put a lot of pressure on your legs to do well tomorrow, good thing it’s gonna be cooler overnight, in the 60s!, too bad you went out so fast, maybe tomorrow try for negative splits, wonder how much damage the birthday celebrations did to your speed, remember your mantra “I is kind, I is smart, I is important” and “My mind is healthy, my body is strong”, I’m excited for a relaxing evening and pre-race meal of oatmeal and eggs, better not forget to charge your stuff………and of course some singing along to my music.  I try to listen to the same playlist on the bike as I will on the run the next day – helps me mentally.  A long shower and nap followed 🙂 – it’s part of the training.

See y’all tomorrow!


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  1. Good Luck!!! Can’t wait to read about your run. Thank you for sharing your prep. That is a lot of work and a lot to taking care of yourself! Good job! Love you!

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