Spinnin’ My Wheels


Today was not a running day but I was still productive in the world of fitness!  For ages and ages I have been saying “I want to ride my bike around town, to work, up and down the Greenline, for groceries, for fun, for exercise…….ON AND ON” and for ages and ages I have used various excuses like – it’s too hot (semi-legitimate), it might rain, my tires are flat, I’m tired, Memphis drivers are crazy……ON AND ON.

NOT TODAY!  No excuses were going to get me today.  I’m not sure if all this gumption is a normal part of mid-twenties but I like it.  I pulled the trusty old town bike off the porch, buckled my helmet and set off to the Greenline only to find two very flat tires.  NO BIG DEAL – I hear you can get air at the gas station and there’s one not far from my house so I rode the few blocks to the pump.  $1.00 for air – all I had on me were my clothes, a helmet, house keys and my cell phone….NO BIG DEAL – I can just ride home (I’m sure this is terrible for the bike tires…but what’s a girl to do?!) and grab some quarters out of my change jar.  $1.00 and two inflated tires later, I was off down Central Avenue headed for the Greenline.

My plan was to ride out to Shelby Farms and back but it took a little longer to even get to the start than I anticipated…and woooo was it nerve-racking riding alongside those cars.  I was careful and alert and tried to only get a little pissed off when people honked.  I’LL RIDE ON THE SIDEWALKS AS SOON AS I’M NOT AFRAID TO BE THROWN OVER THE HANDLE BARS FROM ALL THE CRACKS…..SHARE THE ROAD, and please give me 3 feet when you pass me.

It took about an hour round trip from my house to the start so I don’t even know what kind of time commitment I’m looking at for a trip all the way.  Although traveling was much faster once I was on the open road of the Greenline!  I rode home feeling more confident on the busy street and SO confident in my skills that once I returned to the wide streets of my neighborhood – I went for no handlebars!  Piece o’ Cake!

Swapped out the moving bike for a stationary one to teach Spinning this afternoon.  A dedicated group of souls survived the “Bikram” Spin class created by the broken AC……at least we’re all detoxed now!

After a quick dinner (I had already prepared it at lunch – so brilliant!) and shower, I hit up Breakaway Athletics for an informational speaker on running and training and can’t wait to share all I learned with you……another day – for now it’s lights out!


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  1. I am so glad you got your bike ride in! Today Emilie and I got our exercise at Washington Park in Portland. There was a beautiful rose garden and a trail filled with furns, cedars, fir trees etc. It was BEAUTIFUL. A little over 5 miles up and back. It was PERFECT weather, too. I’ll send you some pictures.


  2. What a day of problem-solving and pedaling! Bikram Spin Class — know that will catch on! Hope the air is fixed today. Amen air conditioning.

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