Pack Mascot and Tees


Week 16’s medium run is done!  The Pack ran 3.5 miles through Central Gardens this morning before the bitty storms rolled through.  We had a big group this morning and a mascot!  Meet Hazel!

Hazel the mascot and Elizabeth.

Way to go gang – keep showin’ up!


I’m in the middle of placing orders for new tees!  Not exactly new designs, just new colors and styles of the old designs.  We’ll have some more of the “Run this Town” shirts as well as tank versions:

Run this Town - more comin'!

And cotton t-shirt versions of the “RUNMEM” performance tees.  I’m trying to find a good racing tank to print this on but have yet to find a good price for bulk orders – I’m on the hunt though!  Let me know if you find any first!

RUNMEM shirts!

Have any specific shirt colors you’d like in your wardrobe?  Speak up! I’m placing the orders tomorrow!


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