1st 5 miler prep – check.

  • 40 minutes on the Spin bike – light resistance, cadence 90-100 (my legs are practicing being fast) – check.
  • Make sure I know how and how long it takes to get to the park where we’re starting (thirty mintues, and maybe the only reason I didn’t drive the entire race course was because I left hte map at home….)- check.
  • Drink lots of water all day (and never stray too far from the bathroom) – check.
  • Make sure everything’s ready for in the morning (Gary and Blue charged, clothes clean, race number and safety pins out) – check.
  • Fuel up (eggs and power oats) – check.
  • Decide on goals for tomorrow (1. Set a PR – 41:59, 2. Break 40:00, 3. Win my age group) – check.
  • Have a relaxing evening (date with Rooms to see The Help – Y’all check it out too – you’ll definitely laugh out loud and if you have a soul you’ll cry too) – check.
  • Go to sleep – …….

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  1. Congrats on smashing Goals #1 and #2! (Not sure how #3 went down!?)/ Apparently the speedy legs on the spin bike with eggs and oats on the side is the perfect set-up for a great race. Love you!

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