Week 17: Run 1


My assignment: 10-20 minute warm-up.  400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 (400 RI). 10 minute cooldown.

What I did: 

  • One mile warm-up @ 8:34
  • 400m @ 6:40, walk 400m
  • 600m @ 6:44, walk 400m
  • 800m @ 7:04, walk 400m
  • 1200m @ 8:03, walk 400m
  • 800m @ 7:04, walk 400m
  • 600m @ 6:44, walk 400m
  • 400m @ 6:40, walk…..and collapse.

Where: Treadmill at InsideOut Gym


I was feeling good this morning and actually lookin’ forward to my date with the treadmill.  This workout intimidated me a little bit because the only “track” work I’ve done are 400 repeats.  The 800 and 1200 especially scared me – that’s 2 and 3 laps y’all.  I know that’s less than a mile but counting your distance in loops is very different than having a route to follow.  The last 600 and 400 were very difficult to finish all the way at my goal pace but I did it – breathing hard and throwing sweat everywhere – luckily for me, the morning crowd had come and gone!

I planned on doing my TRX circuit in the afternoon but my legs begged me to leave them out of it (burning quads!), so I completed the arms and core moves only – I think I’ll be grateful for that tomorrow!


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  1. Impressive speed work out!!!……I’ll have to try it soon….like maybe this winter! I can already do the “collapse” part. Enjoy the cooler temps coming to the outdoors!!

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