Now Open in Midtown: The Slider Inn


It may be limited, but it's delicious!

Last night I had planned to have my standard oatmeal since I knew I would be running this morning (gotta love those carbs!) but when the neighbor boys asked me if I wanted to go check out the new Slider Inn I couldn’t turn them down.  It’s right by the gym and I’ve watched eagerly over the past few months anticipating the opening of the new bar and restaurant – and from our experience last night, I think it looks promising, for them and for Midtowners!

We opted to sit outside on their spacious front patio (huge plus – I love al fresco dining!).  It took a while to have anyone help us but we’re patient people and passed the time remarking on the slide on the top of the roof, the bikes parked out front and general people watching.  Once we did meet our waitress, we each ordered a drink – beer for the boys (they have Guinness!, Yuengling, McSorleys, PBR and Stella on tap) and red wine for me.  They’re still waiting on a fully stocked bar but we are also a simple group and found the available choices quite satisfying for a summer night.

The main focus of the food at Slider Inn are, well sliders.  For those of you non-foodies unfamiliar with these, allow me to explain.  They’re mini-versions of normal sized sandwiches, but you get multiple sandwiches so essentially you’re getting the same amount of food.

The Memphis Slider


See? Baby burgers.  There were three varieties of slider to choose from, all made from beef and one lobster roll option.  (Vegetarians and non-beef eaters keep readin’!)  There was also an option to order just a single slider – perfect for those with smaller-sized stomachs (or who have a big run in the morning!).  I LOVE THIS OPTION!

Not too big, not too small.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our sammies and remarked on the juiciness of the burgers and the softness of the buns (leave your buns of steel at the gym) and the boys on the crispiness of the fries.  3 very satisfied patrons!

I went inside to snap some pictures and a man (he ended up being one of the three “bosses”) asked me what I was taking photos for.  I told him I have a running blog and like to show what I eat and he asked if I wanted a tour of the kitchen (!).  DUH.

Hard at work

It was a tiny space but they seemed to be doing just fine.  Lots of sliders to make!

So many future sliders!

I also learned a little bit about what they will be offering once a full menu is ready – fish taco sliders, chicken sliders (of various flavors and styles), pork sliders, veggie burger sliders (HOORAY!), and they’ve even got a smoker they can’t wait to use!

Hangin around the Table

There is a lot of seating outside where we ate and the inside had tables running along both sides of the restaurant with the bar at the back and a community table in the middle (I love the idea of that).  On its second night, it was all full inside!

Welcome to the neighborhood Slider Inn!  I have a feeling we’ll be great friends, either over dinner or after work drinks (and hey, there’s talk of maybe teaming up with Breakaway’s running group….).


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