III, two and 1



……Miles run by the Pack this morning for their first long run of the 2011 training season!  We enjoyed a cool morning (mid-seventies….relatively cool I guess) start on the Greenline.  I hope everyone enjoys a rest day tomorrow – well earned!


……Weeks exactly ’til I’m 24.  I’ve put together a little wish list – please send all gifts to the gym, except the boyfriend and chef, you can send them directly to my house.  I’ve even included my sizes and links for you to order things from!

Donation to St. Jude.  ($24 for my age??!  or $13.1 – $1 per mile we’re training for!?)  CLICK HERE!

St. Jude Children's Hospital - the heart of this city.

Plane tickets to any of the following locations.  (Don’t worry about hotels once I’m there, I’m fairly certain I’d like to enjoy the weather outside.)

Galway, Ireland


(Photo source)

Tete, Mozambique - for the temperatures, and Audrey!

(photo source)

Cute workout clothes. (Let’s be honest, I basically live in gym clothes so I’d better look cute)

Lucy Propel Run Skirt

I love running in skirts – can’t beat ’em in the heat!  I only have one so it gets used quite a lot!  Large please!

Nike Women's Fast Pace Running Tank Top

Tanks in bright colors are perfect for 90+ temperatures.  And the bright colors make you faster, duh – large, not black please!

Time for some headband variety - I wear this one ALL the time.

Headbands are a staple in my workout wardrobe – for hot runs or a quick way to cover up some greasy hair!  Here are some styles I’ve been eyeing –

Chica Bands - Skinny Gold Digger (What I aspire to be in life)

Skinny Gold Digger

Chica Bands - Coral Tattoo

Coral Tattoo

Cute “other” clothes.(For those rare times I do decide to get dressed “for real”)

  1. Target Dress - Large please.

    Sundresses are my go-to right now when I do decide to get dressed for some errand running, or the rare night out on the town.  Target – large please.


    No, I don’t have anywhere to wear it yet – except maybe for a bday outing – but that’s why it’s called a wishlist y’all.  Size 6, Matisse Blue please.

    Espadrilles - Zappos.com (or a similar style)

    Espadrilles are the closest “dress” shoe I’ve found to a running shoe.  Seriously, they’re like magic. Size 9 please.

A running partner.(Choose from any below)

Pug + Beagle = Puggle

 (photo source)

I don't think I'd ever skip a run again with one of these beggin' for one!

(photo source)

Beagles are great distance runners - perfect for the half-marathon junkie

(photo source)

A boyfriend.(Again, choose from any below)


(Photo source)

Ryan. (Please make sure his shirt's unbuttoned - thanks.)

(Photo source)

A personal chef.(As much as I love experimenting…sometimes it’d be nice to have all my meals waiting)


(Photo source)

If you can’t get Bobby, I’d settle for Paula, although it means I’ll have to up my mileage a bit…..

"Hurry y'all...more butter!"

(Photo source)

Unlimited YoLo.  Yo-nanas. How could you not see this one coming? I can’t eat unlimited YoLo because of my races, but this may be the next best thing.

FroYo made from bananas - definitely OK for a racer.

iPhone.(As much as I love the old flip phone because I can text while I’m running….it’s soon time to step it up)

Time to kiss the "dumb phone" goodbye.

(Photo source)

Starbucks giftcard. (So I can continue to stalk Taylor the Latte Boy)

There you have it – it’s quite an eclectic list.  But seriously – how about a donation? 🙂
1 –
……Week down!  17 to go until the St. Jude Half Marathon!
Do you have any product reviews of my wishlist?

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  1. What? You’re having a birthday? Who knew? 🙂
    This post made me laugh. Especially the photo of the puggle — you know they are only good for running about a block (or is that just Sophie?). Congrats on your great 5 miler this morning. Impressive! xo

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