Men of my Morning


I have a drawer at the gym where I keep all of my clients files – along with some other random goodies: gum, books and magazines to read during cardio workouts, CDs for classes, air pumps for the Bosu balls etc. etc.  The best part about this drawer is that other people like to leave me treats in there, so it turns into sort of a maildrawer.

This morning, I had the beautiful boys of The Hunger Games movie series waiting for me.  THANK YOU CAROL!  Made my thankful Thursday easy today 🙂

Well hello boys!

Photo Source.

Meet Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale).  I read up on the movie for a bit (comes out next March…long time to wait!) before heading off for a date on the yoga mat with this cheeseball:

90 minutes with this man is almost too much.

Photo source.

So far, I’m stickin’ to my schedule goal of doing yoga on days after I run!   It’s still insanely hard for me but each time I challenge myself to do a few more of the poses than the time before (still having trouble with Crane and Plough…).

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to join the Breakaway Running group on their Thursday night midtown runs but clients or Spin or my own laziness has prevented it.  This week it’s going to be the heat that stops me.  I do not (nor do I encourage) run if the heat index is above 100 – or when the National Weather Service tells me outdoor exposure should be limited.  They’re experts, so I listen and stay comfortably inside.  So the social running will have to wait – maybe until October when the temperatures are in the 80s again.

No thank you, I would not like to melt.

Also on the racing training schedule today is some cross-training.  The plan I’m following suggests two to three days of cross-training per week to help keep up my cardiovascular endurance while giving my running muscles a break.  Luckily for me Spinning counts (and is inside!) and so the Interval class I’m teaching tonight will check off one of those workouts!  Speaking of that class, I’d better go get a playlist together!

Do you have any rules about running in the heat?  What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Love the Hunger Games! I’m running to the third audiobook right now, and I am *so* excited to see the trailer for the first movie!

    I try not to run in the heat when the humidex is above 40oC. It just drains me!

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