Football themed Newsday Tuesday


I’m sticking to my training plan and did my yoga this morning!  I joined Tony Horton and the P90X gang for 50 minutes of moving asanas and balance poses.  I had to cut out the last 30 minutes of stretching but will get to it after class tonight.  I’m still not able to do all the push-ups Tony so politely asks of me, but that’s ok, he “doesn’t mind”.  It took a while to get started – dirty DVDs, a few interruptions (that’s the trouble with shared space), but I. Did. It.

The “Mark Your Calendar” page was updated with Memphis-Area August races – check it out!

On to more exciting things like FOOTBALL!

Now, when it comes to sports, I am all over the place.  For professional basketball, I like my local team the Memphis Grizzlies (who doesn’t love Z-Bo and Marc Gasol?).

Best nosebleeds ever.

As far as football goes, I’ll admit I have a little southern problem: I’m not an SEC girl.  Before all y’all southerners down here give up on me, please allow me to defend myself.

  • I’m working on it.  I’ve learned the 12 schools of the conference and even know their respective divisions (East: South Carolina Gamecocks, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, Tennessee Volunteers, Vanderbilt Commodores and Kentucky Wildcats; West: Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, Arkansas Razorbacks, Mississippi State Bulldogs, and Ole Miss Rebels) I promise I don’t have Wikipedia pulled up in another window.
  • I grew up in Indiana and was raised on the Colts.  I know that’s forgivable to all the Tennessee fans out there thanks to this man:

He's a god where I come from, not a very hot god, but from

So, you can imagine my delight when the players, commissioners, owners, coaches and all the other stuck-ups who earn too much money for my entertainment decided they would have a season after all!  (This is last month’s news but I’m still THRILLED – I’ve been sleeping in my Peyton jersey since).  Especially since the 2012 Super Bowl is going to be held in my fabulous hometown city.

Naptown: Home of SB2012 Photo source:

I’m also so excited that the Colts have signed Mr. Manning back for a mere $90 million dollars for 5 years.  (Still last month’s news and still cause for celebration) I hope to make that much in my lifetime, and the next……

Off for lunch and an afternoon of teaching Bosu class and workin’ out with clients.

Are you an NFL or an SEC fan?  I’ve learned it’s not really acceptable to be both down here – but I’m fighting it!

Training run tomorrow morning at 6 am at the gym!  First official one – can’t wait!


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