Today, the first of August, is the start of my favorite time of year – not summer, that’s been here a while.  Not fall, that feels far off in the 100+ degree days we’re having.  Not my birthday (even though I am looking forward to that in a few weeks!).  Not back to school, not anymore anyway.  But my official St. Jude Half Marathon Training program starts today, both for myself and my Pack of runners at Inside Out Gym.

The Pack will be following an 18-week training program that I have fiddled with, edited and tweaked over the years of my own training.  18-weeks may seem like a long time, but the sooner you can get running into your routine, making it a habit, the better off you’ll be.  So, here are the general guidelines:

  • Maximum running days per week is 4.  (I’m not tryin’ to make y’all hate it, or kill you in the heat)
  • Two short runs, one medium run and one long run per week.
  • You can substitute cross-training in the form of a Spin class, rowing class, pool session or other cardio for one short run each week.
  • Rest either the day before or the day after your long run.
  • Stretch after every run.
Here are the runs for Week 18:
  • 2 shorts @ 2 miles
  • 1 medium @ 2 miles (I know, that doesn’t totally make sense, but it’s quantity this week…)
  • 1 long @ 3 miles
That’s the basic plan, recommended for anyone who is running this for the first time.
I’ll be running on my own, training for a PR and trying to stay ahead of my dad and Russ.  My plan involves running only 3 times per week but they will be “good quality runs” according to the book Run Less, Run Faster that I’m using (thank you, Runner’s World).  So, every week I’ll do one track workout for speed, one tempo run and one long run.
 Here is what this week looks like:
  • Track: 10 minute warmup.  12 x 400m @ 1:40 (90 sec rest interval). 10 minute cool down.
  • Tempo: 5 miles @ 7:55
  • Long: 8 miles @ 8:31
I’ll also be keeping up my normal Spinning and Bosu classes at Inside Out and hope to add in yoga and TRX training – I’ve got a goal and it’s time to get serious 🙂
If you’re part of the group, introduce yourself!  Happy August everyone!

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  1. I’m really excited about the training plan! I especially like how cross-training is encouraged. Thank you for all your help Jessica!!

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