Impromptu Race


Halllooooo!  Happy Saturday 🙂

This morning was a hot and sweaty fun one spent running the 38th Annual Overton Park 5-mile Classic.  As of Thursday, I had no plans to run in this race and was excited to get back to the long runs on the Greenline.  However, when Kim and Marda asked me about it at the gym, I was easily convinced for a few reasons:

  • It’s good practice for the 5-milers coming up in the Road Race Series.
  • Wine is offered as a prize for first-place finishers.
  • Race Day = YoLo (was there even a second thought after that?….)
There was a small group representing the Pack – Kim, myself and Matthew but a few others from Inside Out Gym were there as well – Barbara Blum and Anna Tuttle.  A crowd of about 300 assembled at the entrance to the Old Forest and Matthew and I found our place near the front (still feel funny up here….I swear I’ll never be a shirtless runner) and set off.  I fell into a fast pace up front (still behind the speedy leaders) and felt pretty strong.  I started to get hot around mile 2.5 and reached that despicable “saturation point” (when the sweat won’t evaporate and I turn into this soaking wet mess).  I kept running though.  Part of the course was a repeat of last week’s 5k and I think my mind tricked my body into thinking we would be done after 3.1 miles.  Because at almost exactly that point my body said “I’m done.”  and threatened with potential vomiting and actual cramping, and I said “Ok, ok!  We’ll slow down”.  And slow I did, across the wide open field with the sun beating down on me (maybe not the best strategy – to spend more time in the hottest part of the course) but once I hit the trails again, I picked it back up.
I walked a little in the last mile until a guy came up behind me, patted me on the shoulder and said, “Come on, less than a mile, you can do it.”  And I begrudgingly started running again.  Then when I passed him walking about a quarter mile later, I said “Alright, we’re almost there, let’s go.”  I’d like to say he thanked me by asking me out for drinks but instead he passed me at the finish.  He was very gracious later as we congratulated our soaking selves on finishing.    My final official time was 41:59 – not quite the sub-40 I was hoping for.
Avg Pace
Summary 00:41:57 4.92 08:31
1 00:07:41 1.00 07:41
2 00:07:29 1.00 07:29
3 00:07:57 1.00 07:57
4 00:10:16 1.00 10:16
5 00:08:33 0.92 09:17
Hello wall at mile 4!
I’m not going to be too hard on myself because it was good practice, I was able to socialize with some fellow runners, and I managed to still get third in my age group!  Also earning a mega-plaque and a photo with two running greats: James Bailey (1st man to break 4-minute mile on U.S. soil!) and Peter Snell (mile world record holder and 3 time Olympic gold medalist)!
A big congrats too to Kim, who also placed third in his age group!  And to Matthew who beat the 40 minute mark by minutes, running a 38:15 race!  So Proud 🙂

The fastest men around!


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  1. Way to finish!! Makes for great training!! Every race is different….and the heat is always an unknown variable that is hard to predict. I ran the race virtually with you here in Indy and got first of one!!! I don’t think it was quite as uncomfortable here as it was in Memphis, but it was still a soaker. I managed 38:48 on our treacherously flat rail trail….and became very familiar with the “think-I’m-gonna puke” sensation! I then followed it up with an slow paced 4 miler with the guys and dogs….talk about soaked!! So far I’m hangin’ with you….

  2. Great work in the heat, Jess! I’m impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever run a 5 mile race before, but I can imagine the trickery you’d have to pull to fool your body into running past 3.1 miles. What’s the next race? (I’m 13 days away from my next half!)

    P.S. Reid, your solo 5 mile recap sounds good too! I was in Zville over the weekend and got a good 12 miles in on the rail trail and around town with my brother. It was “cool” and “comfortable” at 6 am!

    • We only do 6 a.m. during the week….but good for you to get 12 in while on the road. WIth a race coming up, I know it was necessary! Good luck in the upcoming half….and respect (and enjoy) the taper this next week!!

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