Burgers and Berries


As promised, here’s a delicious new recipe for you.  It’s easy too!  (You know I only share easy things with you when it comes to the kitchen, workouts on the other hand….)

Fish intimidate me.  Ever since I was bored to tears on the pontoon boat with Bubba at Big Canoe, I have had an aversion to all things fish.


The only fish I would touch growing up was canned tuna – if it was slathered in miracle whip and pickle relish on toasted bread with cheese to eliminate all fishy taste.

Intimidated (can't you tell by how far I'm holding them away from me?!) Love the matching socks though.

As I grew, my tastes expanded and I realized I like salmon, smoked salmon and recently even seared tuna.  My fish-intimidation never went away though.  I’ll eat it, but only if someone else cooks it for me.

The best part of fishing was time with Bubba - less fish = more great stories.

Tuna from a can is one thing.  Grilled, baked, or anything-ed salmon is quite another.  And I haven’t even tried to branch out to tilapia or grouper (someday my friends…).  But tonight I conquered salmon on the grill in the form of burgers!  And it was much easier than I thought.

First, I put a salmon filet with dijon mustard, miracle whip, oats, dried chopped chives (would be better fresh but that would have been too hard tonight..), and dill into the food processor (first time using that thing and I’m in L-O-V-E).  I didn’t measure, that would be hard, and just did squirts and sprinkles of each ingredient.

Ready for mixin'

Then I processed and whoa is that thing powerful!  It went from the above to below in about ten seconds!

Post-Processing, ready to be pattied.

I formed that into one gigantic patty (it could probably have made two but I was HUNGRY, and don’t have anyone else to feed!) and put it on the grill for some heat.

On the grill.

I cooked it about five minutes each side plus just enough to make it crunchy and grill-marked.  While that was happening, I chopped some veggies (cucumbers, peppers, romaine hearts and celery) and mixed with balsamic vinegar for my side dish.  Once the burger was done, I stuffed it into a pita.  I love these Kangaroo pitas right now:

I love these! In the bread section.

I added goat cheese and spinach to the pocket for some creamy crunch.  The burger didn’t fit all the way so I cut it in half (anticipating saving half for tomorrow, but I ate it all instead).  See the delicious plate below!

Sunday dinner!

So fish fear-ers, get over it and get to grillin’!  This is super easy, and I know you know how good salmon is for you!


Yesterday I went blueberry picking with some friends from the gym.  We went south to Mississippi to Hudspeth Blueberry Farm, run by Peggy Crockett.



Rows and rows of bushes

I didn’t really know what to expect but there were rows and rows of blueberry bushes.  Peggy gave us a gallon bucket and we went to town.

Lots of berries on each bush.

There were plenty of berries per each bush.  At first it was hard to pick, I was worried about ripeness and size etc.  But soon I ditched that and just picked.  And ate. And picked and ate.  They are the best blueberries I have ever tasted.


Soon our buckets were full and we headed back to Peggy.  The best strategy while picking is to tie the bucket around your waist so you can pick with two hands!  More berries for you!

Efficient method and a full bucket!

The berries went into mini-muffins for the Tour Finale, my post-run smoothie, and the fridge for yogurt parfaits the rest of the week.  Memphians, get your bootays down to Senatobia and get pickin’!


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