5k Practice Over Lunch

Happy Hump Day!  I want to share my morning workout with you over lunch!  Here’s what I cooked up: Egg and cheese bagelwhich with sliced bell peppers. MMMMMM!

Sammie, peppers and green tea!

I used one egg and two egg whites cooked overeasy (did a strength routine today!  Need that extra protein punch!) and one triangle of Laughing Cow Spreadable Chipotle cheese on a toasted bagel thin.

My favorite part is the "drooly" middle!

And now for the workout:

The Pack met this morning despite the never ending break in heat and humidity (what champs!).  I stuck with my new mission of becoming a racer (and I stuck to it last night too when I passed up YoLo – I know, and the world didn’t end!) and decided to make this morning’s 5 miler a practice race run by turning it into a tempo run.
Tempo runs used to scare me, but with the help of Gary (my Garmin watch), they are much less intimidating because I can keep track of my pace without having to do difficult calculations in my head while I run.  So generally they start off with a warmup mile, slowly building to the tempo pace (basically the pace you’d like to run – should be faster than your normal jogging speed) and then you maintain that for the “middle miles”, jogging the final mile of your run.  SO mine should have gone like this: 1 mile warmup, 3 miles at 7:30 tempo, 1 mile cooldown, pass out on the steps of Inside Out.  Instead, it went like this:
This Morning’s Tempo Run:
Avg Pace
Summary 00:46:25 5.16 09:00
1 00:08:29 1.00 08:29
2 00:07:24 1.00 07:24
3 00:07:44 1.00 07:44
4 00:03:48 0.23 16:45
5 00:07:58 1.00 07:58
6 00:10:59 0.93 11:49

You can see I took the liberty of taking a walk break after mile 3.  It was hot.  I was on the verge of reaching 482 degrees.  I almost puked.  My legs burned.  The air was thick.  So I didn’t feel bad about the walk – gave myself one song (“Good Life” by One Republic) which ended up being about a quarter mile, and then ran my third tempo mile.  I was a little over my goal for 2 of the three miles but I’m feeling good about the 5k on Sunday after today’s run!  My goal tempo was a little faster than my goal pace on Sunday and if you add the three tempo miles together (despite the walk break…), I was seconds away from my PR 5k.  There will be other beasts to deal with Sunday – running an hour later than today (hotter and thicker), and HOARDS of people.  Seriously, hoards.What’d you have for lunch today?


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  1. Good going getting 5 miles in at any tempo in this heat and humidity!! The boys and two dogs only did three this morning in our severe heat wave….we held back for the dogs…that’s their story and I’m sticking with it!!. Actually, it took a little coercing to get the others to go 3….it was 1 mile at a time and we were soaked when done.

    As for lunch….it wasn’t much. Water and 2 Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bars. Going out for dinner, so needed to make room for a brew…or 2!!

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