Squeeze Play


Travel day!  My flight to Austin leaves this morning but I’m glad I already went to the gym to squeeze in a quickie workout.  First, I met with a new client to go over goals and a schedule and to take the initial measurements and baseline abilities.  I LOVE new clients because they bring new opportunities to use my creativity – and new challenges.  Then I worked some on Tour de Midtown stuff – NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN US!  (check out Inside Out Gym for more info).

Since I’m comin’ off of TWO rest days (felt oh-so-good), I thought I needed to do something before sitting for hours on a plane.  My go to when I’m in a pinch is the Bosu, circuits and sprints.  I started with 5 minutes on the VersaClimber – it’s a hellacious machine but I felt it in my legs, shoulders and obliques – not bad for 5 minutes!  Then I went through the following routine using my favorite accessory – the Bosu ball:

  • 13 pushups – hands on the ball
  • 2.5 chin ups
  • 15 burpees
  • 10 fast, 10 slow mountain climbers x 3
  • 20 opposite knee to elbow seated on ball
  • 24 oblique twists
My two favorite treadmills were being used by members and my iPod died but I was antsy to run so I ditched my plan to do a fast mile on the ‘mill and took it outside (instant stickiness….) for sprints.  I did 5 sets of sprints for the length of the street (about 25 seconds), resting for 35 seconds after each.  Just 5 minutes and I was sweaty and breathing hard!  The entire workout took less than 25 minutes but it’s just enough to get my day off to a healthy start so I can avoid all those treats at the airport……
Speaking of treats – vacations are usually a time when people take breaks from their fitness routines and healthy eating but my goal this weekend is to show you how you can keep up your routine on the road so you don’t lose all that progress (and trust me, I’ll still have fun along the way!).  Let me know if you’ve got specific questions for stayin’ healthy on the road!
Thankful Thursday
In the spirit of my trip, I am thankful for my roommates – old and new.  I’m so blessed that the girls I lived with in college are still a part of my life and I’m lookin’ forward to spending the weekend being roomies again.  I’m also thankful for new roommates, new furniture arrangements, new routines and new chatter.
What are you thankful for today?
And back to the packing…..

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  1. I am so grateful for Inside/ Out Gym for all the new things I have learned and wonderful people I have met! Especially the “leader of the pack”. Have a great trip Jessica!

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