July Races!


Howdy y’all!  I’m practicing my Texan because I’m off to Austin tomorrow morning!  I’ve been promising my friend Lyndsay since we were about oh, 20 years-old that I would visit her and so almost four years later here I go.  And now two other college friends live there too!  I’m looking forward to a relaxing (hopefully – wait ’til you see this itinerary!) weekend with old friends.

But first!  I want to share the July race calendar with ya – to maybe inspire some participation, and to put off packing and tackling my room just a little bit longer.

Memphis-Area Races in July

  • Saturday, July 9 – Hope 5k.  8:00 am.  $18 pre, $25 day of.
  • Sunday, July 10 – RRS 1st 5k.  7:00 am.  Overton Park.
  • Saturday, July 16 – Design-a-Wish.  8:00 am. $18. Pink Palace.
  • Sunday, July 24 – RRS 2nd 5k.  7:00 am.  Overton Park.
  • Saturday, July 30 – 5 mile Classic. 8:00 am.  $18. Overton Park.
Plenty to keep you busy on the weekends – hope you’re ready to sweat….it’s gonna be hot!  I’m doing the RRS 2nd 5k for sure, and will have to contemplate the Design-a-Wish and 5 miler….racing is so much better than running.  What races will you run/walk?
Anyone been following the Tour de France?  The riders have made it through Stage 5, but not without plenty of wipe-outs.

Ouch! This is why I stick to stationary bikes....





You could just join Tour de Midtown at Inside Out Gym and not have to worry about mega wipeouts like that!  It’s not too late to win a NEW ROAD BIKE!

If you haven’t been following, check out a few videos from this website – it’s a pretty fascinating thing to witness – they are so fast!


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