Irish Inspired Friday Night


What does that title make you think of?  Guinness?  Jameson on the rocks?  Irish Car Bombs?  I bet you’re hoping that’s the kind of night I’m headed for….well, sorry to disappoint but this girl is way-too- tired after way-too-little-sleep to even think about stepping outside the house tonight (but that’s ok because it’s a 3-day weekend!).  SO instead I decided I would calmly and not in a rush to study make myself an appetizer inspired by my semester in Ireland.

I learned to like a lot of foods while I was abroad – Guinness (took 7 pints), plain yogurt (which eventually led me to Greek), Brie cheese, caprese salad, gnocchi, tea and the one that inspired this dish smoked salmon.  I even remember where I was: Galway with Anna, eating at a restaurant at the top of a golf course.  I ordered a salad with smoke salmon on it to which Anna later said “You know that’s not the salmon you’re thinking of, right?”  And I oh-so-cooly replied, “Yea, I know” when really I didn’t realize there were big differences in salmon.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when my salad came with cold and thin strips of the fish but in my adventuresome spirit I dug right in – and to my delight, enjoyed it.  Smoked salmon became a staple in my diet while I lived abroad and I would often eat it for breakfast on toast with cream cheese.  Or in a bagel sandwich.  I stopped buying it when I came back to the states because it seemed so fancy, and expensive (everything was in Euros over there so I didn’t think too hard when I picked stuff out at the grocery!) but last week it caught my eye and I grabbed some.  And finally tonight, my 3-ingredient Irish creation!


You will need :

  • Cucumber
  • Cottage cheese (or cream cheese)
  • Smoked salmon

All you need!

Step 1: slice the cucumber

Step 2: top the cucumber with a spoonful of cottage cheese

Step 3: top the cottage cheese with smoked salmon

That’s it!  It’s so easy (trust me, if I can do it, it has to be!) but will seem impressive to people because of the smoked salmon.  It’s not quite as nice as eating it in Ireland but it comes pretty darn close – I think I prefer the cream cheese to the cottage cheese, I just didn’t have any in the fridge.

Of course, only one more thing could make the meal complete……(even if it is 90 degrees outside)

TEA! Good for the soul.

And with that, I am off to brainstorm some “American” desserts and activities for this weekend before I crash into bed (I can’t help it! I was up early to kick someone’s butt and then I had to finish The Hunger Games) – tomorrow’s a big day!  Pack run early on the Greenline and the Grand Depart of Inside Out’s Tour de Midtown!  Happy July!




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