Reason to Run #15


It’s the first day of summertime! Which also means it’s the longest day of the year… those “I don’t have enough time” excuses don’t fly today! 🙂

Longest day of the year - celebrate with a run!

Things that I love about summer:  boating * sitting on the deck * mowing the grass (I used to love that chore!) * dad grilling with Gloria Estefan or The Eagles on the stereo * long nights at the ballpark * ice cream truck (luckily one passes my Memphis house everyday!) * pooltime * eating mama’s freshly sliced fruit * nightgames (Capture the Flag, Ghost in the Graveyard, Murder in the Dark) *rollerblading on the RailTrail * reading in the hammock * extra sweaty runs!

What do you love about summertime?


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  1. I love many of the same things…..I had Jimmy Buffett going the other day on the deck while grilling. I love shorts, short sleeves and flip flops……summery drinks….and the sunshine and long days and breezy nights (when we have them….)…..and, yes, extra sweaty, wring-your-shirt-out runs!! Happy First Day of Summer!!

  2. Fireflies! Corn on the cob picked, grilled and eaten in the same day. Fresh peaches with juice that runs down your arm. Walking Sophie at 9 pm … and it’s still light outside. Big, impressive thunderstorms. Flowers in the yard and on the deck. YOU!

  3. Hi Jessica!
    The first day of summer is when my parents were married! We went out to the site yesterday to pay a visit. We meaning Grandpa, Sarah and I. Grandpa brought a small rake, shovel and bucket so we were able to clean up the area a bit while there. It is written oin the tomb stone, “Married, June 21, 1952”. The weather was perfect, the surroundings are gorgeous so we were able to have a nice little visit. Last night we went and bought some replacement flowers and will be returning today with those. Obviously, we were thinking of you, too and made contact! We love you!

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