Lovin’ this off-season


I sort of created this off-season idea for myself – obviously there’s never a time I want to stop running (gasp – can you imagine?!). But there’s less pressure to maintain a certain mileage, or a certain pace etc. SO that means plenty of gym time to play around today! I spun to an old playlist “Last Chance” that was inspired by a series of workouts right before Spring Break last year. And then, I got back to the pushing and pulling, the lifting and curling. It. Felt. So. Good. Strength training has been a part of my routine since the good old days of APC in high school but sometimes my obsession with running overtakes the time and energy to lift weights. I was so excited to be back today that I hit almost every muscle group in a pretty basic routine. I decided to roll the strength training straight into my Bosu Ball class at 4:30 pm today at Inside Out. My poor students didn’t know that they signed up for hundreds of lunges….and several minutes of planks. But we all survived and they were fantastic! We’ll see if I’m this excited about the workout when I wake up in the morning…..


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  1. Well??? How was the workout this morning?? Were you just as excited about it?? I ran the regular 4 miles in a GRUELING 38 minutes with the guys…..one of the dogs kept needing to stop…..so, of course, we all do….nice to take it easy in cooler temps.

  2. Hey Daddy-o! See my post “Hurts so Good!” A Clif-Notes version is that I’m lovin’ having weight training back in my routine! Had a good run this morning too! Keep it up (and let the guys know that the 16 of June is National Fudge Day).

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