Sprenkel vs. SLC


I do NOT have a good track record with Salt Lake City.  Twice before this trip I have passed through this airport (both in the summer) and twice I have been so delayed coming into Salt Lake that I missed my connection….how did I fare today??

It didn’t start off well….Kalli picked me up in plenty of time but when she got to my house I was still downloading the movie I rented (Spirit of the Marathon won the popular vote but I trumped it with my vote of No Strings Attached).  We left my house about 25 minutes behind schedule but I wasn’t too worried.  The Memphis International Airport is known for its short security checkpoint lines.  EXCEPT FOR TODAY!  Kalli dropped me off and I headed inside – (thanks for the lift girl!)….

En Route to Portland

…..where I was greeted by the longest security line in the history of my travels at the Memphis Airport.  Now, I’m not one known for being frazzled but inside I was worried a little.  Inch by inch we crept along and I made it through, without even having to be full-body scanned!  I even had time to stop for some Starbucks (it would have made no difference if I had stressed that whole time either…)

I was on a tiny plane (two by two) in the waaaaaaay back aisle seat by an older woman who reminded me of Old Rose from Titanic (but a little bit younger).  She was coming home to Salt Lake from a high school reunion in Ohio.  After the typical “are you heading home or heading for vacation?” discussion, I left her to get lost in the fabulous story of Rosie, August, Marlena and Jacob in Water For Elephants while I watched my non-democratic selection of No Strings Attached.  A few inappropriate R-rated scenes later (I was a little awkward in my seat by this older woman with the big images coming from my laptop for all behind and next to me to see……) we were flying over the mountains!

View from the Air

Look at the mountains under the wing!

My predicted nap came after the movie and then we were on the ground and my fight with SLC airport began.  She wasn’t quite as mean this time and I was able to make it quickly to my next gate, enjoying the scenery along the way.

What a backdrop to the city!

Beautiful mountains from my gate! So different from the south.....

I boarded my next flight to Portland with no trouble (and time for photos and a snack at the gate!) leaving the score between Sprenkel and SLC 1-2.

On the Portland flight I was free as a bird to sleep but also talked a lot with each of my neighbors, one an older outdoorsy guy heading home from Sun Valley to Portland to hang out on the coast.  The other, a young youngster happy to be on a plane.  I had much better conversation and soon our window view turned to this….

Portland from the Air!

Before I knew it we were on the ground!  No longer surrounded by the sticky heat and humidity of Memphis.  It was rainy and in the 60s when I stepped off the plane onto the jet bridge (a delightful temperature actually).  Aunt Emilie was running a little late to pick me up because of after work traffic and I had time to hang out at baggage claim and notice the very large revolving doors and police men on mountain bikes (no photo for them, you’ll have to trust me on this one…)

Biggest Revolving Doors Ever

I am SO excited to be here in Portland with my family and can’t wait to tell you about our times spent together.  So far we had our welcome meal but I’ll have to tell you about that later because in Memphis time it’s 1:30 AM and I NEVER EVER stay up this late…….


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