The party’s over….


I was all settled into Indy Mini post-race mindset, letting my hair down to let life happen and celebrate things going on in Memphis with little attention to major training runs.  And man do I know how to cram it in – from Thursday to Sunday last week I saw Something Borrowed (cutest chick flick I’ve seen in a while – with Memphis’ own Ginnifer Goodwin), went to my first Memphis in May BBQ festival (held this year at Tiger Lane due to Mississippi River rising) and danced the night away with old friends, cheered the Grizzlies on to a game 6 victory in the nosebleeds of FedEx Forum (what an experience!), checked out the newest Midtown place to hang – Dublin House, celebrated a college roommate’s 23rd birthday at a hilarious dinner with close friends and then danced the night away again with all the new Rhodes grads.

I think in the middle of all that I squeezed in a four miler on Saturday morning…..and a whole lotta dancing.  It was a great weekend of celebrating the race, the graduates, the Grizzlies, and surviving our first year out of school but now it’s time to get back to the life goal.  This morning’s run will be the first official training run for the Portland Half marathon in just 17 days.  There’s not much time to get ready for this one but luckily life should be calm for a while approaching the race….

I enjoyed running with the group this morning – saw several faces that have been in hiding for a while!  We were chatty at the start and complained of being too cold (I bet in a week or two we’ll be eating our words!) as we all settled into our own paces and distances.  I did 5 miles outside along our normal Wednesday route that includes part of my route from days at Rhodes.  Still feeling nostalgic from the weekend of reunions the run tugged on the heartstrings a little bit.  When I got back to the gym I hopped on the treadmill to put in one fast mile (first lap at 7.0, second lap at 7.5, third at 8.0 and last at 9.0) – good thing the Schwarzenegger Scandal was all over the news to keep me occupied…..

Then, as I’ve been promising you for weeks now, I finally did a yoga session!  I’ve had this DVD for months now that AFAA sent me as part of my CEU earnings and had never used it yet.  It wasn’t as much flow as I usually like in a session (thanks P90X) but the stretches felt so good.  It was a very relaxing way to get back into a yoga routine – although I’m not sure how I’m going to stand the instructor on the DVD – she sounds like a robot….and that’s about going to be it for the day – my battery’s running low and I’m getting hungry!


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