And the winner is……


Portland, Oregon!  As of today my next state race (#6) is officially scheduled.  I have registered, roped the Dad into it and rallied the troops in Portland to be the support team.  In one week it’s all come together quite nicely – here’s a timeline.

Wednesday – Donna tells me at work that if I want to go anywhere this summer, early June is the time to go because Matthew will be working extra hard before he leaves town.  I immediately text Lyndsay and Dad – to Lynds: How does the weekend of June 3 work for a trip to Austin? (been working on a plan to visit for a while….)  to Dad: Wanna try to run a west coast race the first weekend in June?  From Lynds: Not so good…lots of people gone from work that week.  From Dad: Sure.  

Ok, time to find a west coast race – Dad’s family lives in Oregon, California and Arizona so I look for races in those states first.  I don’t really want to do one in California yet because I have my heart set on the San Francisco Half.  Then, as if a clear message from the running gods, my Aunt Emilie emails the very same day to say she is retiring and moving to Mexico and we should come visit one more time!  She had in mind later in the fall but conveniently the first weekend in June there’s also a race in Portland.

Monday – Dad books the tickets to Portland.  Brother gets to come too!  But still as of this point I’m not committed to a race, just committed to a family vacation.

Wednesday – Official race entry is purchased!  Now I’m committed.  The race is Saturday, June 4 OR 17 days…..I’ve never run two races this close to one another but I’m excited!


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