A Pack of Determination


Everyone needs a little inspiration to get them up and running sometimes.

This morning I was greeted by a cluster of the Pack anxiously awaiting the weekly run.  This morning’s run was important to all four members who are fighting back from injury, illness and fatigue and I just needed to let the blog world know how impressed, inspired and proud I am of each one.

Becca had been steadily building up to a ten mile race several weeks ago when illness prevented her from participating in the actual event.  In a fighting spirit she joined us the following weekend for our group run and cranked out her first ten miler all on her own!  Then, she was sidelined with a foot injury and had to go all the way back to mile one – literally.  She’s been slowly building back up and I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have done all that training only to be told you can’t run that far anymore….congrats on your (relatively) long run this morning (especially after that celebratory glass of wine last night – better watch what you post on Facebook!)

Linda is a newer runner but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the grace and effortlessness of her strides.  An avid kayaker in addition to runner, her boating season has been interrupted by the Mississippi River rising and some illness.  Races were cancelled or abandoned for health reasons and I could sense the frustration of not being able to do something she loves.  Not defeated, she showed up this morning after several weeks away from the group and gave a great effort to get back into it.  Congrats on your dedication to keeping up with your running and all your successes in races – you have much to be proud of!

Jennifer is a newer runner too, participating in the beginners running group with Linda earlier in the year.  She was on quite a roll with the running routine until surgery on her shoulder put her on the injury list.  Regardless she came back ready to give it a try this morning and managed an entire mile (quite a feat after not being able to do anything for about a month!).  And she’s already talking about the RRS and St. Jude Half Marathon – I can hardly keep up!  Congrats on getting back on your feat and continuing to set challenging goals for yourself.

Tish has been slowly and diligently building her miles up for months now.  She travels a lot but doesn’t let that keep her from getting her runs in.  Despite travel, illness and major lack of sleep last night she showed up and gave a monumental effort, keeping me company all the way to McNeil!  Congrats on fighting through the tired and keeping your runs up when you’re out of town.

Way to go girls – hopefully their stories inspire you to get running or keep running!  Join us next week – 6 AM at Inside Out Gym.


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  1. Thank you! You are such an awesome coach! I really enjoyed running with the pack again this morning. It felt good to run the usual Wednesday morning route with the girls even though it was only 3 miles at a VERY slow pace. I hope to be back up to 6 miles by the end of June. See you soon.

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