morning struggles


It happens to everyone.  The alarm goes off and you just can’t bring yourself to get out of bed.  And why would you?  It’s soft and comfortable and laying under the covers requires no effort at all from you or your muscles.  I’ll admit the past two mornings have been quite the struggle for me.  Case in point – yesterday I didn’t roll out of bed until 10:30 am!  Sure it was a holiday but really??!

Speedwork was on the agenda and I was not looking forward to it this particular morning.  I was coming off of my rest day after a long ten mile run on Saturday and finding it hard to get back in my running shoes.  Plus I had to add two sets of 400s this week.  But I went.  I slugged on to the track at about 11 am and paid dearly for the procrastination – it was sunny and hot.  Not so hot as it has been this summer but hotter than it has been at my usual 6 am, as the sun is rising workout.  It was not easy to run those first four warm up laps….forcing my feet to move faster than a walking pace, cursing myself the whole time for letting me sleep in.  But then I got the groove – you always do.  Give yourself ten minutes or so and then you’re ready to go for hours.  I completed all 12 400s, almost puked, lost a lot of water and was covered in my own salt by the time I was done, but I was done.  I did it.  No excuses, plus by waiting I was able to work on my tan a little!


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